SendangGile Waterfall is a tourist attraction that is still one location with Mount Rinjani National Park. But its existence is still rarely visited. SendangGile waterfall is located in Senaru Village, Bayan District, North Lombok Regency, and West Nusa Tenggara Province. More precisely is a gate for climbers who want to climb to Mount Rinjani. This waterfall comes from the foot spring of Mount Rinjani which is still very clean, natural, clear and of course refreshing. According to the local people’s story, it is said that the name of SendangGile comes from the accident of the surrounding villagers found this waterfall during a crazy lion hunt that was then told often chaos in the villages and then the lion ran into the forest, this. Since that time the residents call Mad lion with SengangGile word and gradually pronunciation Sengang turned into Sendang and in the end the waterfall is called SendangGile waterfall.SendangGile Waterfall to be more beauty of Lombok.

There are several facilities provided for visitors at SendangGile Waterfall. Waterfall as high as 31 meters is located at an altitude of approximately 600 meters above sea level. There are two levels in this waterfall, where the first level rises from the top of the cliff and falls to the bottom of the pond below. The water in the pool will flow downward and form the second tier that falls and form a river beneath it. The bottom of the tributary was relatively flat, so the tourists can enjoy the freshness with a shower under the waterfall. One interesting thing about SendangGile plunge is the belief of the surrounding community that there is a magical power in this waterfall. If there are tourists who wash face or bathe in this waterfall then it will make a person become younger one year of his age. However, again this is just the belief of the surrounding community. Believe it or not. In this area there is only one toilet, one place to change clothes and a little house on stilts for shelter, people around call it berugak. At this tourist site there is also no food and beverage sellers. You should prepare a stock before a visit to this attraction. In the vicinity of this waterfall is also not available lodging. Lodging can only be found in Senaru Village.

Access to SendangGile Waterfall from Mataram City, this waterfall is about 60 km and can be reached using private vehicles or rental vehicles from with travel time about three hours road trip. Along the way will be treated to beautiful scenery. There are two options that can be taken route: the first route through Pusuk and the second route through Sengiggi Beach to Senaru Village. After arriving in Senaru Village the journey continues by walking down hundreds of stairs and must pass through a fairly steep valley. From the entrance to the location of this waterfall takes approximately 20 minutes. Entrance ticket to SendangGile Waterfall Rp. 5,000 per person.

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